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Our Awards

Nationwide Transportation takes pride in our ongoing safety record. Great West Casualty Company in coordination with the Nebraska Trucking Association recognizes those companies that have demonstrated their commitment to highway safety through active management of safety programs. Nationwide Transportation has been most recently awarded the following from the Great West Fleet Safety Contest:

  • 2017 Gold National Safety Award
  • 2016 Silver National Safety Award
  • 2015 Silver National Safety Award
  • 2015 Platinum Workplace Accidents Award
  • 2014 Silver National Safety Award
  • 2014 Platinum Workplace Accidents Award
  • 2013 Silver National Safety Award
  • 2012 Silver National Safety Award
  • 2011 Platinum National Safety Award
  • 2010 Platinum National Safety Award
  • 2009 Gold National Safety Award

*Platinum is the highest award recognition while Gold is the second highest achievement available

A commitment to a safe working environment is essential in the transportation industry and is at the core of who we are and what we do. We remind all of our employees, especially our drivers who interact with the motoring public on a daily basis, that Safety is No Accident.